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♔ xcrystallisx 「an iPod media community」
「 INSIGHT: ♚ 」
xcrystallisx originally started with zero_kiriyuu as a media journal where I uploaded various things for iPods. However, I decided to create a community so I wouldn't have to log in to a different journal just to post.

In this community, I upload various things such as: anime, discographies, movies, tv shows, foriegn dramas & movies. And all video files are in .mp4 format for iPods.

Also note that the posting format, some rules, and parts of the tagging system used here was adopted mainly from some_day_music and other media communities.

「 RULES: ♚ 」
01. COMMENT PLEASE! When you comment on a post, it lets me know people are interested and helps me figure out what to upload here.
02. NO HOTLINKING OF ANY KIND. I will be a very pissed off mod if I find out that anyone is hotlinking anything posted here.
03. After 48 hours all entries will be member-locked so please join to see the posts after that time period.
04. Membership is moderated. The only requirements are:
• you be a member of at lest 3-5 other comms or have 2-4 friends
• have your bio in your profile filled out
Note: This is to ensure that trolls/spam bots for the most part are weeded out.
05. No wank. Whatsoever. It will not be tolerated and you will be subject to being banned.
06. The music posted here is for sampling purposes only. The law states that it is to be deleted after 24 hours.
07. Please support the artists/creators. I've provided links to buy the media I post here in the entry itself (for discographies), here in the profile, and in the sidebar.
08. Can't find a particular post? Check the tags or directory!
09. If you have a question please check the F.A.Q. post to see if has already been answered. Otherwise comment there and I'll do my best to answer.
10. To become an affliate please comment on the affliates post so long as you fit the requirements.

「 LINKS: ♚ 」
amazon // amazon jp // cdjapan // dvd heaven // hmv // yesasia (global) // yesasia (north america)

affliates // directory // f.a.q. // resources // tags

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